809 Area Code Scam

Area code “809” was created in January 1958. Area code 809 was used for all of the Caribbean, with some exceptions like Cuba, Haiti, Aruba, the Netherlands Antilles, and the French West Indies. In March 1996, area code 809 was spilled and was allocated to the Dominican Republic. In present times, area code 809 and its overlay codes “829” and “849” are only used in the Dominican Republic.

809 area code Scam is a phone Scam, which sprang up to exploit the tendency of telephone users of Canada and the United States. This 809 area code fraud allure phone users into placing calls to the area code “809” and are charged unreasonably high prices as long-distance fees. This assumes Canada and United States that a number familiar in the “NANP” format of “1-NPA-NXX-XXXX” which is a domestic call at standard rates because “011-” which is an international prefix was absent. This prefix generally shows an overseas call.

The former “+1-809” area code is not of mainland North America, but it is of the Caribbean, which is divided into several small island nations. Some former “1-809” points are “Puerto Rico” and “USVI” which are some US possessions. The area code 809 was divided into several new area codes in around “1997”. At that time, points were just as costly as any other oversea call.

How and Why 809 Area Code Scam Works?

Some people started receiving a message on their answering machine or on their pager that tells them to connect a phone number beginning with the area code 809. The reason behind these messages varies from person to person. Some examples are like, asking some information about one of the family member who is not well, to tell that one of the family members has died, or you have won some precious prize or many more. Scammers used to convince people to call or connect with the area code 809 anyway and unknowingly because of so many area codes available people tend to revert these calls. If the person is from the US, he will be charged around $2425 per minute. The main point behind all these things is to keep on increasing phone bills of people and charge them accordingly.

The area code 809 is located in the British Virgin Islands (the Bahamas). This area code can be used as a “pay per call” number that is similar to the 900 numbers already present in the US. Area code 809 is not in the US, and therefore, it does not come under US regulations. US regulations notify and warn its users of rates and charges when they are on the pay per call number.

Important Points To Be Noted About This Scam

Area code 809 was part of this phone fraud but not all were part of this scam, and not all numbers let people pay excessive bills. Most of the numbers related to the area code 809 were genuine and related to the Dominican Republic. The amount of money, which was involved in this, was greatly scandalous because the warnings were circulated on the Internet.

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