Know About California Area Codes 341 & 510

The area code 341 has been added to the area code 510 in California, for ensuring a constant supply of phone numbers. It is adding an area code with another geographical area code, but no confusion must arise from such add up. A person does not have to change his or her phone number, but dialing the area code along with the following digits as per the phone number is a must.

The overlay will not lead any changes in the phone number of a person, the daily charges, call cost, and other services won’t change because of the overlay. Only one needs to make sure that a well-programmed seven-digit number is a must which should include proper services like, speed dial and security systems, call forwarding systems, internet services, voice mail, and other functions. No three digits calls are affected.

Area code 341, will serve much of Eastern Bay area in Alameda country and the Western portion of Contra Costa country in California, including the larger cities and communities of Alameda, Berkeley, Castro Valley, El Cerrito, Emeryville , Fremont, Heyward, Hercules, Newark, Oakland, Piedmont, Pinole, Richmond, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, San Pablo, and Union City, in addition to many smaller communities.’

Area code 510 was put into service from 9th February 1991. It was created from a split of area code 415. In 1998, area code, 510, was split to form area code 925.’ Alameda country and Contra Costa country fall within this code. People of the 510 area code, need to dial ten digits, instead of 7 digits, since they have to include the prefix that is 510 in front of their phone numbers.

In the East Bay, many businessman and shopkeepers have given their company’s and workshop’s names with a ‘510’. Initially, they were scared as they thought that, because of the overlay with 341, they might have changed such names. But nothing of that sort happened — the natives of 510 stick to their originality with 510 only.

So basically, the 510 area people don’t have to worry since their phone numbers or other such services will not be affected. It’s only that the 341 are coming in and an overlay will be created.

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