Caryatid Conservation Services offers a broad treatment repertoire built over Stephanie’s professional career working in museum settings as well as in the field. We have experience treating ancient/archaeological objects, decorative arts, indigenous material culture (aka ethnographic objects), modern and contemporary art, and textiles. At times, we collaborate with other conservators and allied professionals. A selection of treatment photos can be viewed on the “Portfolio” page.

Stephanie is a recognized ivory specialist. She assists institutions and individuals with the care, documentation and identification of mammal ivory objects. Stephanie has published and lectured widely to professional colleagues and general audiences about the care, stewardship, and responsible display of ivory.

The interview “Q&A with a Conservator: The Complex Cultural Use History of Elephant Ivory” was highlighted for Women’s History Month at the Field Museum. This is a blog essay of the March 20, 2018 interview with Stephanie about her work with ivory. “This month we’ve [the Field Museum has] been celebrating the huge range of work done by the remarkable women at our museum. Stephanie Hornbeck is our Head of Conservation, and a specialist in ethnographic objects conservation. She treats a variety of artifact materials and has a specific interest in elephant ivory…Learn more about Stephanie’s vital work and the role it plays in timely conservation efforts.”

Q&A with a Conservator on Ivory

Additional ivory-related publications are listed on the “Publications” page.

Caryatid Conservation abides by the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice of the American Institute for Conservation